The Power of Friends

Curious what the combined POWER of friends is capable of?

After seeing the success of my new book over the past few days. I’ll never wonder again.

Because of the amazing generosity and support from you all, my launch into the authoring world was a HUGE success!

The free promotion is winding down and will be over in less than 8 hours and here are the current stats:

#2 in General Counseling & Psychology

#2 in Mental Health/Mental Illness

#2,564 overall in the Kindle Free Store


***538 total downloads!!!***


This has been an incredible learning experience and I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to spread my message to this many people.

Thank you again for all that you’ve done for me this week and throughout my life.

It’s hard to express just how much I appreciate the love you showed me this week.

After this week, I’ll never again wonder what the power of friends can do!

Now let’s see if we can make #1 and break 1000 total downloads by tomorrow.

Share this link with everyone you know.



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